Field trips provide students with an alternative learning experience while placing them in a more fun, relaxed environment. As children are more perceptive of live visuals than text, field trips are a good way for them to learn while having a good time.

Sydney has an abundance of cross-curriculum itineraries that can be tailored to suit primary or secondary students in Australia. Here are the top five destinations off our list:

Sydney’s Darling Harbour

From the Paddy’s Market in the south to National Maritime Museum in the north, the Darling Harbour has a lot to offer for students. It has a broad range of museums, parklands, theatres and other attractions.

There are as many as ten interactively themed precincts, with the most popular attraction being the Madam Tussaud’s museum. Students can see celebrities and historical figures up-close, test their knowledge against Albert Einstein and experience the orchestral symphony.

The Darling Harbour has a playground that welcomes young students to a fun learning atmosphere. Here, they can improve their social skills and experience more of the Harbour.

Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation encourages the appreciation of science among young students by accommodating school field trips. Guided by expert researchers, students can learn more about issues related to human health and scientific innovations.

The organisation also has online resources providing essential information accessible at any time. Kids can interact with online workbooks, fact sheets and informational video games during the field trip.

The Rocks

For a history-themed trip, The Rocks offers a wealth of information about the first ever-colonial settlement in Australia. Here, students get a chance to walk the oldest streets of Australia and discover many traditional structures similar to the ones from the European era.

The highlight of this destination is the Rocks Discovery Museum, which houses a vast collection of archaeological artefacts. Historical accounts are brought to life with audio commentary and live visuals in an interactive museum tour. The tour tells stories about the life of sailors, traders and whalers at the time of the British Colony’s establishment and the historical protests in the 70s.

The Zoo or the Aquarium?

Besides museums, you can plan a field trip at Taronga Zoo or the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. The Taronga Zoo has over 4,000 animals to see and over 20 shows a day. The Sea Life Aquarium offers a broad range of curriculum-based study resources to enhance school trips. They also have an underwater classroom and the world’s first ever ride-through penguin experience.

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