Corporate events are a great way to promote your company, both internally and externally. Sometimes events are hosted on company grounds or they could be held at a hired venue. Wherever you choose to hold corporate events, planning is a must. Organising an event involves creating a budget for catering, accommodation and marketing. If you are planning to have an event outside the office, it might be an idea to hire a bus service to get your people to and from the event.

Here are five types of business events that call for the use of a chartered bus.

Product Launch

Companies usually arrange a launch event that aims to promote and sell a new product. The event welcomes stakeholders, media practitioners and top management. The entire marketing team is most likely involved in promoting a new product. If your marketing department has a small number of members, consider using a minibus instead of a large chartered coach for the event’s transportation arrangements.

Employee Appreciation

At certain times, a company may want to show their appreciation for their staff’s hard work and reward employees with a company dinner. At these events, employees spend quality time with each other to show appreciation for fellow workers and to celebrate individual and team achievements. These events are usually located in a special venue such as a hotel function room or a tented area. To make sure everyone gets to the venue at the same time, corporate bus services are the right choice for your transportation.

Business Trade Shows

Trade shows aim to display products or services to potential suppliers, customers and prospects. They provide an opportunity for companies to promote what sets them apart from their competitors. Companies that have a booth at a trade show need to plan for logistics such as setting up the booth and dismantling it. Hiring a chartered bus will come in handy as you might have to bring many items to the trade show venue such as display stands, posters and complimentary products.

Corporate Seminars and Conferences

Seminars and conferences inform and educate attendees about industry trends or the latest information about the company. Seminars are short-term events that last for a few hours or one day, while conferences can take more than one day with multiple sessions happening at the same time.

Seminars and conferences can happen at an offsite venue such as a conference centre or a hotel. A hired bus service, makes sure all your attendees get to the conferences or seminars in time.

Company Retreat

At least once a year, most companies plan a retreat or an incentive trip to develop camaraderie and help keep employees motivated for work. They are usually held in a venue far away from the office such as resorts, campsites or even private destinations. To ensure that everyone gets to the venue safely, hiring a bus service is a must. Having all employees together during the entire travel time enables them to maximise their quality time with each other.

Corporate Travel at Mona Vale

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