It’s always nice to go on a road trip with your family or friends. It’s a time to take your mind off work, school and the hectic city life. On a road trip, you would just want to focus on having fun with your friends or family. You can sing songs, take funny pictures or just sit back and let our driver take you to where you need to go, as promptly or as leisurely as you like. Some people may prefer a spontaneous trip where everyone will decide on what fun adventure they can do while travelling.

The possibilities are endless on a spontaneous road trip. However, one factor that everyone will consider on a road trip is safety. One of the strategies that people employ during a long road trip is planning shifts on who will drive. However, some people may see this as a hassle, since a road trip is a time to relax.

A Safe Way to Travel

Mona Vale Coaches offers a minibus hire service that accommodates people in Sydney and its surrounding areas. All of our minibuses undergo regular inspection and maintenance by highly trained staff to ensure that you are safe from the beginning to the end of your road trip. We have professional drivers that are accredited under the Working with Children Act, and they are dedicated to making your trip safe, hassle-free and fun.

Travelling by Minibus is Fun

Some groups may prefer to travel as a convoy; however, there are several disadvantages such as not having enough time to bond and being separated from each other on the road, which may ultimately lead to some people getting lost. These scenarios will not happen if you hire a minibus since everyone is in one vehicle. Long road trips are more enjoyable if everyone is together. This is the time where you can maximise bonding with your family or friends.

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