Need to transport a group of teenagers to a sports match or deliver a group of executives to a corporate conference venue? Then you’ll need a form of transport that’s fast, effective and practical. Charter bus hire in Sydney is your best option, allowing you to get a group from A to B at a relatively low cost. However, not all charter buses are created equal. To prevent yourself from hiring a bus that will disappoint, you need to make sure that the company offering the service prioritises safety, comfort and space before making your final selection. Here’s why each quality is equally important when making your final choice.

When you hire a bus charter Sydney, your first and foremost concern will be the safety of the service. This means that it needs to be in perfect working order and that the person driving it should be qualified to operate it over long distance trips. In New South Wales, a suitable bus should be accredited with Transport New South Wales (meaning its been inspected in the past six months by an accredit Road Traffic Authority Inspector). The person driving it should also be a certified New South Wales RMS Driver.

On long haul trips, a comfortable coach goes a long way towards creating happy travellers. Comfortable reclining seats, air conditioning, and a clean and working restroom are essential. Buses with a PA system are useful as they allow for effective communication with all travellers at once. This comes in handy when you need to communicate with a group of easily distracted children or rowdy guests on route to a wedding.

No one wants to spend hours confined to a cramped seated position. Bus seats need to offer enough leg room for even the tallest passenger with enough room for passengers to get up and move around if needed. Storage space is also something to consider. Is there space to store luggage above or beneath the seats or is additional storage available via trailer? Cramped, unhappy passengers forced to carry extra luggage on their laps or at their feet won’t want to use a hire company that doesn’t prioritise their comfort.

A long journey on the road can be a fun, enjoyable experience – unless the chartered bus isn’t up to scratch. By making sure you prioritise the three qualities listed above, you won’t regret your choice of charter bus. Mona Vale Coaches can offer you charter bus hire in Sydney, so contact us today to arrange your next trip.