When planning a tour, one of the biggest factors you need to consider is transport. In Sydney there are many options. You could use public transport, take taxis or you could hire a bus or coach. Here are some of the advantages you can expect from hiring a bus charter for your tour.

If you have a large group in your tour, one of the most difficult things can be trying to keep the entire group together. Taking public transport may force your group to split up, but when using a hired charter, you can ensure that the whole group gets to experience everything together.

Public transport forces you to use schedules and plan your day around the train and bus times. Hiring a bus will allow you do things at your leisure and it won’t be a problem if someone is running late. You’ll also save time on organising and won’t waste time on buying tickets, standing in queues and waiting for taxis to arrive.

Hired charter buses are usually built with comfort in mind. If you’re travelling long distances, comfort is a factor that should be considered, no matter how old or young your tour group is!

Public transport can only take you so far. With a hired bus, you can go wherever your tour group desires. From touristic attractions to off the beaten track to more standard sightseeing activities, you can make your tour one to truly remember with no limitations on where you can and cannot go. You get to explore Sydney to its fullest.

While Sydney is one of the safest cities in the world, it’s still best to take precautionary steps for your personal safety. Getting around at night using unfamiliar ride-sharing applications can put you in tricky situations, so why not avoid the risk all together and hire a bus or coach to get you around from place to place?

Mona Vale Coaches has over 80 vehicles in our fleet for you to choose from. Need a bus charter in Sydney? There is something to suit any of your tour needs. Get into contact with us today for a quote!