Whether you are taking your students on a school trip, excursion or camp – it is imperative that everyone is clued up on the relevant safety guidelines to ensure a trip that is hassle-free and danger-free for everyone involved.

It doesn’t matter if the school bus is hired or it is a school bus you use every day; these are some of the safety guidelines you should be adhering to:

Before the vehicle is even turned on, all of the bus’s doors should be closed and all students should be strapped in and seated. If not, a child could go hurtling through the open door and onto the road when turning a corner.

Students can get very overly excited when going on a school trip and then misbehave. In order to avoid this, and any unwanted accidents, it is important to be firm about the school bus rules. Allow them to have fun, and distract them from misbehaving, by singing classic school bus songs from the safety of their seats.

Whether it is their first trip or hundredth trip, the emergency evacuation procedure needs to be explained in detail to students before the start of any trip. This way, should an emergency occur, all students will know exactly what to do and an evacuation can take place quickly and methodically.

Try and find a quiet and safe place to park the bus when loading students onto the bus and allowing them to disembark. Preferably a place that is not very busy with traffic, and is clean and secure. Ensure that children do not go running off as they embark, and wait for teachers and driver for further instructions.

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