Growing up, many of us had ideas of what field trips would be like or had poor experiences with them. Thanks to this, many misconceptions surrounding hired school buses were born. The reality that is that in the past, school trips involved the bare minimum in terms of transport and weren’t seen as comfortable, reliable or even safe. This might have been true in the past, but since then, things have changed. We’ve sourced some of the most common myths about school bus hire in Sydney so that we could set the record straight for those of you who are sceptical about such services.

School Bus Myth #1: Hired School Buses Never Leave Or Arrive On Time

There’s a common misconception that a hired school bus service is unreliable when it comes to time. Whether it’s for field trips or daily commutes, most buses follow a strict schedule that must be adhered to by both drivers and students who use the bus to get around.

School Bus Myth #2: A School Bus Can Only Accommodate Children Up To A Certain Age

When a school hires a bus, the likelihood is that it will carry students who are within specific age ranges. However, this doesn’t mean that adults can’t fit comfortably as well. The same bus that’s hired to transport children in primary school can be used to transport high school teens.

School Bus Myth #3: Chaos Always Reigns Aboard A School Bus

Most people associate school buses with out-of-control noise and movement, but this isn’t the case. Communication is vital when it comes to maintaining order. At Mona Vale Coaches, we work with clients to set rules to ensure that onboard behaviour is managed in line with those rules.

School Bus Myth #4: Hiring Costs Are Too Expensive

No two schools are the same. Where buying a bus may work out cheaper for one school, bus hire service might be less expensive for another. It’s up to you to do the math and make a decision that will suit your school’s budget.

Instead of relying on hearsay to determine what kind of bus you choose, rather speak to experts in school bus hire before you make any decisions. Contact Sydney’s Mona Vale Coaches for more advice.