Planning a corporate trip should always be done in advance to ensure a smooth flow of activities during the day of the trip. One important detail to consider when planning the trip is the mode of transportation.

You wouldn’t want the company’s staff to go to the venue in their own personal car. For one, people could arrive at different times, which may delay the event from starting. If the venue is located in an uncommon area, people may get lost on the way. A challenging aspect of people using their own car is the parking. Some venues may have limited parking spaces that make it difficult for people to ensure the safety of their car.

Hire a Minibus for Your Corporate Trip

A convenient mode of transportation you can hire is a minibus. Our minibus services can transport your company’s staff to the designated venue safely. Having your entire staff ride a minibus ensures that everyone will get to the venue at the same time. If your corporate trip is for a professional gathering, a corporate minibus helps ensure you that we will get your staff to the venue with the minimum of fuss. Since everyone is in a minibus, your staff can maximise the travel time by being briefed with the final details or reminders for their presentations or activities during the trip.

Besides professional gatherings, you can also book a minibus for your corporate leisure trip. Hiring a minibus for a company leisure trip allows your staff to relax together while on the way to the venue. It also ensures convenience and comfort for your staff.

Minibus Hires by Mona Vale

Mona Vale Coaches provides minibuses with a driver for hire in Sydney. Our professional minibus drivers are fully qualified to ensure your trip is safe from the beginning to the end. Our minibus hire services are competitively priced to give your company the best value.

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