Your hen party doesn’t need to follow tradition, especially if conventional parties are not your cup of tea. A hen party, after all, is how you’ll bid singlehood adieu; it’s only fitting that it reflects your interests and personality.

There are several novel hen party ideas out there, but a road trip is, by far, one of the most enjoyable. You get to visit many great places in the country, for one. What’s more, you get to experience them with some people who matter the most to you.

So, if you’re up for an adventure just before saying ‘I do’, then a road trip is the hen party for you. Here’s how you could plan an awesome bachelorette road trip.

Get the Girls Together

As the adage goes, no road is long with good company. Get your friends to clear their schedules for a day (or night) and join you on the trip. This is the perfect time to bond, experience new things and recharge before the wedding stress rolls in. This is also a chance to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Map the Trip Out

Now that you’ve locked down the invitation list, it’s time to decide on your destinations. During a road trip, the possibilities are endless — you can go to a concert, stop by a harbour, visit art lovers’ coves, join winery tours or go food place hopping. Australia offers it all, so there will be no shortage of places to explore.

As good as this sounds, you need to plan things carefully. You wouldn’t want to be inconvenienced by wrong turns or closed shops, after all. So, map your stops out well in advance. Check if the shops, galleries, restaurants or bars are open on the day you’ll be around. Check their respective fees and if they have any restrictions.

It also helps to prepare for emergencies. Pack a first aid kit and basic medicine, as well as download some helpful road trip apps for your journey.

Don’t worry about the lengthy travel time; you won’t be bored during the ride because you’ll have your fill of the country’s scenic roads. Riding in a first-class coach also makes the trip a breeze.

Hire a Premium Coach

Since you’ll be spending several hours on the road, it’s important to hire a Sydney coach that can transport you swiftly and comfortably. You’re there to enjoy yourselves, after all, so the vehicle must be spacious, clean, and cosy to accommodate you and your travel companions. You should prioritise safety, too. The vehicle you’ll hire should be in good condition and have seatbelts.

Lastly, you should make sure that your drivers are reliable. Even though you’ve planned the entire trip, it’s still handy to have a driver who knows the routes like the back of his or her hand. This will make travelling easier and more convenient. A friendly personality will be a point in their favour, too.

Here at Mona Vale Coaches, we put your comfort and safety above all. Whether you need a minibus or a large coach, trust us to cover your transport needs. We know how to organise a convenient and pleasant ride, so you and your friends can sit back and enjoy the trip.

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