January is a month for Australians, not only because of the New Year but because of the annual Sydney Festival. To celebrate local and international art, the Sydney Festival features different visual arts, musical performances and other kinds of installation for three straight weeks.

The event is happening in over 50 locations across Sydney. So if your school is planning to hop from one event to another, it is advisable to have a bus for hire in Sydney to take you to all the destinations.

Community Involvement Through Sculptures

Art perfectly reflects not only the history of a locality but also the social and environmental struggles that the Australian people have overcome. Among these representational works of art are the Jurassic Plastic and the Four Thousand Fish at Barangaroo Reserve.

The Jurassic Plastic is an interactive art instalment initiated by Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji who creates dinosaur sculptures made of pre-loved, unwanted toys that reflect throw-away culture of mass consumerism. Kids are encouraged to make their sculpture as a fun exercise of recycling and resourcefulness.

Meanwhile, the Four Thousand Fish at Barangaroo represents the four thousand fish preserved by Aboriginal fisher-women but taken away by colonists. Children can participate by creating fish-shaped ice sculptures made of sea water and cast mould and “returning” them to an artist’s interpretation of a traditional bark canoe.

A Collaboration of Nations

Another special highlight in next year’s Sydney Festival that kids will surely enjoy is the Join the Dots project. The programme aims to foster global collaboration between Australian and Japanese kids as they create merged digital art inside the Sydney Opera House and the Art Museum and Library in Ota, Japan.

The platform allows free-form digital art created in two separate locations to appear simultaneously side by side through a specially designed interactive installation.

If you wish to have an immersive art experience for your class’ next field trip, hire a Mona Vale bus in Sydney for a fun and safe excursion. Feel free to contact us for more information.