When organising a group trip, the first and most pressing problem you’ll face is finding a safe, affordable and convenient way to get everyone from A to B. Air travel might be fast, but it’s costly and can be complicated and confusing. On the other hand, leaving people to drive themselves somewhere will take a long time, and it’s difficult to coordinate when the group is big. Hiring a mini coach is your best bet as its safer, more affordable and less stressful than other travel options. Here are four advantages to hiring a mini coach in Manly or North Shore.

Everyone Can Enjoy Themselves

A designated driver has everyone else’s safety in mind while driving. They must keep to the speed limit, navigate GPS systems and maps, and stay ahead of schedule. While the other passengers are napping or entertaining themselves, the driver is performing a tiring yet vital task. If your group hires a mini coach, no traveller will need to this, and everyone will arrive at your destination rested and prepared.

Drop Offs At Your Destination

If you decide to travel by bus, train or plane, you’re only taken to the nearest station, airport or bus stop. From there, you’ll need to make further transport arrangements to reach your destination. When travelling in a group, it’s easy to lose track of luggage, passports, valuables and people. If you hire a mini coach, however, you’re dropped off at your desired destination, with everyone, and everything accounted for.

Mini Coaches Offer Flexibility

When taking a train, there’s very little leeway in changing your itinerary during the journey. You also can’t change your route in the middle of a flight. By hiring a mini coach, you have the flexibility to change the travel plans as you go. If you want to stop off to visit a small town or to eat a meal, there is no reason why you can’t.

Reach Several Destinations Along The Way

If your itinerary involves stopping off at different places along the way during your journey, then hiring a mini coach is your solution. You can map out a trip to take that gets you from A to B, without travelling in circles to bus or train stations to get there. You’ll also be more comfortable, and more in control of your travel plans.

Travelling with a group with a mini coach is a surefire way to make what is usually a stressful trip less stressful. Why not arrive at your destination on time and in a comfortable, stress-free state? Call Mona Vale Coaches today to hire a mini coach in Manly or North Shore, Australia.