If you put a charter coach and a city bus side by side, they’ll look the same at first glance. But you’ll later find out that these two vehicles are very different from each other. Charter coaches are specialised vehicles, for a specialised service. We at Mona Vale Coaches know this well.

Which Is Which?

The term coach refers to a type of bus with much more to offer in terms of passenger comfort and amenities. You can also use the terms ‘tour bus’ or ‘luxury bus’ when referring to a charter coach. These vehicles are only similar to city buses in terms of the main purpose, which is to transport a big number of people at once. Other than that, the charter coach is a type of vehicle in its own class.

Coaches, for instance, are designed for long-distance travel. And we’re not just talking of hour-long drives throughout the city, but very lengthy journeys. During these trips, passengers can get quite anxious if they’re not kept comfortable and entertained. A charter coach can more than provide for that. Ample leg and head room, extra-comfortable cushioning, and on board audio-visual systems are nothing new in these types of vehicles. Not to mention, coaches have far more cavernous luggage compartments, in comparison to city buses.

Lastly, charter coaches are operated by tour companies and the like. These companies offer coaches for almost any private client. It might be a professional sports team, a corporate delegation, a group of foreign or domestic tourists, or even touring musicians and wedding entourages. Another key difference of charter coaches is that they rarely (if ever) make stops at various points. Passengers are taken from point A directly to point B and so on, typically nonstop. That’s where the extra amenities come into play in keeping the journey as pleasurable as possible.

We at Mona Vale Coaches do just that, and then some. Aside from keeping our passengers comfortable, we also focus on safety. Every vehicle in our fleet comes with seatbelts for each seat, and our chauffeurs are highly trained. If you’re interested in what we offer, give us a call today.