Educational institutions organise school trips as an alternative to classroom sessions and encourage students to attend these outdoor learning activities. While most children are overjoyed by the prospect of leaving the campus to learn, parents are often worried about the safety of their children.

The Benefits of Learning Away from School

Extending the curriculum beyond the four walls of a classroom brings the lessons to life. Outdoor education gives students a deeper understanding of their subjects while increasing their self-confidence. The Health and Safety Executive says that risk is essential to the upbringing of a child and that they won’t learn ‘if they’re wrapped in cotton wool’.

Schools, however, have a responsibility to strike a balance between education and safety. The staff should focus on planning trips that accommodate the outdoor activities while managing the itinerary properly to avoid health and safety risks to the participants.

Safety is a Priority

Out-of-school learning opportunities are great for the students but often cause some anxiety for parents. Mona Vale Coaches understands these anxieties, and with our bus and coach services, we ensure that our transportation services offer the highest levels of safety and comfort.

We have an unwavering commitment to your safety. Our fleet undergoes frequent maintenance checks by qualified inspectors from the Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) or Roads & Traffic Authority (RTA) to guaranteed our vehicles can offer a reliable service. Our buses are equipped with seat belts, and we only hire drivers who all hold accreditation by NSW RMS Driver Authorities. Before they are assigned to school trips, all drivers are fully screened under the Working with Children Act.

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