Going on a trip for leisure, work or school requires solid transport planning. Where a huge bus might work for a long-distance trip with a large group, it may work a little better to get a van or private car for a smaller group. But what happens when your group is somewhere in between? You can consider the perks of minibus charter around Sydney for your medium-sized group, that’s what!

At Mona Vale Coaches, we help customers choose the perfect mode of transport for their group travel needs every day. Whether it’s for a group of business delegates, adventurous tourists, or a high school sports team, it’s important to get this right. In this blog, we show you how chartering a minibus can do more for you when travelling as a medium or small group.

  1. Comfortable Features For A Seamless Journey

The seating, weight support and legroom in a minibus is designed to make the trip comfortable for passengers. Small to medium-sized groups will have enough space to sit or catch a light snooze without worrying about developing an annoying cramp later. You’ll also enjoy air conditioning, Wi-Fi, TV and extra overhead storage.

  1. Take More Travelers Along

Instead of taking two separate vans or cars, you can use the higher capacity that minibuses offer to your advantage and place everyone in a single vehicle. This makes the travelling process easier to control and saves on fuel costs.

  1. Storage That Accommodates Everyone’s Luggage

Even if you’re a small group, space never goes unused. If you have luggage or extra bags with equipment, minibus charter services in Sydney offer ample storage – saving you the time, effort and cost of sourcing an additional trailer.

  1. Secure A Mini Bus Charter In Sydney For Increased Safety

If you hire a minibus from a trusted business like Mona Vale Coaches, you can rest assured knowing that all necessary safety measures are accounted for. Minibuses are designed with safety at the fore. Regular maintenance, cleaning and appropriately qualified drivers are also part of the deal. This means you get to kick back and relax until you reach your destination.

At Mona Vale Coaches, we provide top class school bus hire & minibus charter service in Sydney. Call us today to arrange a hassle-free group travel experience.