There are so many advantages to hiring a bus or a minibus as a way to get around Sydney. It’s an excellent way to keep your entire group together, gives you the freedom to explore the city together and in many cases can be cheaper than public transport. However, please don’t get caught up in the excitement of it all. Here are five questions to ask before hiring a bus of any kind, so you don’t end up with something you regret!

#1 What Are All the Options Available to Me?

Unfortunately, with certain charter bus companies, agents receive more commission on certain packages and will try to sell you a service that’s not quite right for you. Make sure that you find out all the options available to you so that you can make an informed decision that fits in with your plans, group size, and budget.

#2 Does This Company Have the Correct Licensing?

Ensure that the charter bus company you plan to hire from are licensed. If you’re not entirely clued up on this sort of thing, perhaps chat with someone who is so that they can give you a second opinion.

#3 Any References?

While a charter bus company is likely to give you references of clients whom they know were happy with their service, it’s still a good idea to contact each one directly to get some idea of what they thought of the company or to answer specific questions you might have.

#4 What Are Your Drivers’ Training Procedures?

If you’re getting a driver with your minibus hire, one of the most important things is the level of training he or she has had. On top of having the correct driver’s license, they should be trained to industry and company standards.

#5 How Often Are Vehicles Maintained?

Buses and minibusses that are used for hire should receive regular servicing so that they’re always in the best shape possible. The company should be able to provide you with documentation to prove when last their vehicles were serviced.

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